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Hall 13, Stand E34

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Aluminum roof rack accessible to all businesses

DMRack is PDE simplified roof rack solution directly mounted to the vehicle’s roof existing fixing points and offers PDE engineering, quality and adaptability in a simplified roof rack that does not require a specialist to install to your vehicle.



Assembled and fitted in record time.



Anodised aluminum, corrosion-free and weather-resistant.

Fanstastic ROI


Conceived to be affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Van with roof rack

Includes rear roller

To facilitate cargo loading.

EU flag


Highest security standards from conception.



Lightweight, aerodynamic and 100% recyclable.

DMRack fits all size commercial vehicles

Installed on your vehicle in only a few steps, DMRack can be equipped with all the PDE accessories you need to simplify and optimise your daily tasks.

Top DMRack roof rack features

1. Direct Mount

Installed directly onto roof’s fixed points with no drilling.

2. Aluminum side rails

Maximum strength with ABS finishing and rear reflective end caps.

3. Crossbars

Aerodynamic crossbars to reduce wind vibration and noise. Add more crossbars at any time. 

4. Rear roller

A full-width roller included with DMRack to safely and easily load and unload cargo on the roof.

DMrack: Modular roof rack system

DMRack is easily added to any model of vehicle thanks to its fully modular design.

Logistics and delivery are reduced, making it specially interesting to all professionals offering commercial vehicles’ products and services.

How split side rails connectors work in DMRack. Connector 100% aluminum. ABS cover.

Aluminum Split system connector

Easy delivery

DMRack side rails for longer vehicles are delivered in sections that are united with a quick connect system to speed its assembly while lowering transport costs with a smaller compact box.

strong roof rack

The split system connector includes an aluminum plate to ensure its robustness.

DMRack simplifies logistics

DMRack modular approach answers the logistics needs of businesses offering products and services for commercial vehicles.

  • Simplified logistics
  • Easy stock management
  • Quick assembly
  • Fast installation

Direct Mount

DMRack is installed directly onto the existing fixing point of your Light Commercial vehicles.

We deliver the right number of mountings depending on your vehicle model.

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Accessorise your DMRack to make your daily tasks easier and improve workers’ safety with our 100% made aluminum add-on, with ABS finishing for sleek professional look.

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Report a product issue

The following elements are important to attend your claim:

  • Proof of purchase: PDE order confirmation,  PDE invoice number or upload your product invoice.
  • Photo of damaged parts.
  • Photo of the label on the received box.