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Logo of ErgoRack ladder rack with lateral deployment

the leading Ergonomic ladder rack solution

Specifically designed with the worker in mind, ErgoRack is our award-winning ladder transport system and already counts over 1 million users.

Engineered with extensive research of human body mechanics and ergonomic principles, ErgoRack allows users to load and deploy ladders from commercial vehicle roof with up to 70% less physical effort.

Professional van with lateral ladder rack system to deploy the ladder from the ground to the roof and vice versa

Safety through ergonomics

Operated from the ground, ErgoRack prevents slips and fall accidents by eliminating the need to climb on the bumper or tire.

Engineering using ergonomics

Health through ergonomics

Reduce back and muscle fatigue by up to 70%. Reduce workers’ efforts and eliminate incorrect loading techniques.


Fast ladder deployment

Load and unload ladders in 30 seconds, independently from the height of vehicle’s roof.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Effortless ladder deployment using just 2 fingers using the extendable ratchet handle.


Built to last

Premium quality aluminum to resist any weather condition. Engineered for multiple daily usage with minimum maintenance. 


Award-winning solution

Recognised as leading solution since 1992 for its ergonomic advantage on workers’ health and safety and company productivity.

ErgoRack reduces efforts by 70%

With our ergonomic patented ladder carrier, workers can safely and quickly load and unload ladders from the ground, independently from the height of the vehicle.
The ladder does not touch the vehicle’s bodywork, preserving it from eventual damage and the lateral deployment movement makes it ideal for parking slots between other vehicles or on a hill.

ErgoRack lateral ladder deployment system with movement of ladder from roof to ground

1. Load from the ground

Ladder is loaded from the ground to the front hook to counterbalance more than half of the ladder weight when swinging its bottom part to the rear hook.

2. High roof slide

Extra slide automatically delivered for high roof vehicles to lower the ladder further and assist its lifting.

3. Steadyness & noise reduction

Padded adjustable auto-clamp and support posts locks ladder in place during transport and reduce vibration. 

4. Operating handle

Removable ergonomic handle for easy deployment operations while user remains on the ground.

Three ErgoRack Models

The PDE lateral deployment ladder rack best for your needs depends on the ladder weight and van roof height.
All high roof versions include an extra slide extension on the rear part of the ErgoRack.

ErgoRack Rotation

Ergorack Rotation

Brings the ladder down in a horizontal position.

Ladders up to 35kg.

How to load a ladder to vehicle's roof with ErgoRack - Step 2


Brings the ladder down in an inclined position.

Ladders up to 55kg.

S-Clamp economic version of ErgoRack

Ergorack S-Clamp

Economic ErgoRack: a front horn assists the worker to control lifting up and lowering the ladder, and two hooks clamp the ladder in place for safe transport when actioning the side S-Clamp handle.

For low roof vehicles.

ErgoRack loading procedure

ErgoRack: Ergonomic, safe, easy

The ease, convenience and safety delivered by this hyper-capable system saves valuable time daily, costly repairs to vehicles and injury to workers.

The ergonomic advantage of ErgoRack

Engineered with medical specialists

Developed and tested with orthopedic surgeons to reduce the impact on arms, shoulders and lower back.

prevents physical stress

Unlike many ladder deployment methods, ErgoRack causes minimal stress to the operator’s body and reduces back strains by two thirds.

Force comparison

For an average pulled force of 4.5 kg,

Traditional ladder rack solutions:

Upper arm force: 4.9 kg
Lower back force: 134.3 kg

ErgoRack ergonomic system:

Upper arm force: 1.4 kg
Lower back force: 44.5 kg

Smooth operation

A hydraulic cylinder controls the movement of the ladder for smooth operations by controlling the glide speed. 


The patented Auto-Clamp prevents the ladder from tackling against the system and drastically enhances noise reduction.

Paired with the L-post and Z-post, the energy is absorbed, and the ladder is safely secured during transport

Flexible positioning and upgrade

Right - Left - Double

ErgoRack can be installed on the left side, on the right side or on both sides of commercial vehicles’ roof. 

Combine it with other PDE solutions

  • Install an ErgoBack aside an existing ErgoRack system
  • Complement it with a “half roof rack”
  • Add extra ErgoRack crossbar(s) and use it as roof bars system to carry long material aside your ErgoRack ladder deployment system.
    Accessorise it with a rear roller.

PDE mounting system

ErgoRack can be installed on all models and brands of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs), utility trucks, fire vehicles and 4×4.

It is delivered with our patented mounting system, which is engineered and produced 100% in-house.

It improves weight distribution, versatility, performance and lifespan of your PDE solutions without damaging the value of your vehicle (no drilling required).

Logo of PDE Accessories

Tailor the ErgoRack system to your business. 
All products are made from 100% aluminum and ABS.

ErgoRack quote

Warranty claim

Report a product issue

The following elements are important to attend your claim:

  • Proof of purchase: PDE order confirmation,  PDE invoice number or upload your product invoice.
  • Photo of damaged parts.
  • Photo of the label on the received box.