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Logo of ErgoBack ladder rack deployment solution for light commercial vehicles
Logo of ErgoBackE, the electric ladder carrier from PDE

Safely (un)load ladders from the back of the vehicle

ErgoBack is our rear ladder deployment system. It has been developed with two central focusses:

  • the well-being of the worker – how can we enhance job safety, simplicity, and comfort for the human body?
  • adapting ladder roof transport solutions to newest and safest type of ladders and platforms.
Safe and secure

Safety first

Secure ladders from the ground: no need to climb on the roof or tires. 
Protection from road and traffic hazards.

Engineering using ergonomics

Reduce work injuries

Ergonomic design dramatically reduces impact on human body when transporting ladders on commercial vehicles’ roof.


Deploy ladders in 30 seconds

Lower ladders from the roof and lift them from the ground in less than 30 seconds. Improve productivity.


Manual or electric

ErgoBack exists in manual and electric versions.

For ladders of all shape: straight, telescopic, platform, with stabalising legs, PIR, PIRL, etc...

Adjustable to all ladders

Transport all type of ladders: straight, telescopic, folding, step, platform ladders, PIR/PIRL, etc…


100% Aluminum made

Lightweight, robust, weather-resistant and recyclable.

Easily adjust ErgoBack to any ladders

ErgoRack has been specifically conceived to be easily adjusted to different shapes of ladders to fit the needs of many professional sectors. 

Most important features of ErgoBack rear ladder carrier of Prime Design Europe.

1. Crossbars

Install ErgoBack system on 100% aluminum crossbars or aside ErgoRack system to have both a rear and lateral ladder deployment systems on the same vehicle. 

2. Adjustable load stops

Fit the width and shape of different ladder types, including straight, telescopic, platform safety ladders and ladders with stabiliser. One positioned mid-top system, and one at the rear-bottom.

3. Ladder holder

Holds the ladder in place when the system is being closed and secures it from sliding while driving.
Different possible adjustments and various heights available. 

4. Smooth operations

The movement is controlled at all times during operations by ErgoBack unique design.
Different mechanical or electrical system depending on Manual or Electric version.

Two ErgoBack models

PDE rear deployment ladder rack exists in two different versions to best suit professional needs and budgets.

Deploy ladders from the back of the vehicle using a handle with ErgoBack

ErgoBack Manual

A PDE-engineered handle helps you pull the ladder from the floor and push it to lift it back on.
Ladders are loaded from the floor.

  • Lower ladder from the roof: less than 30 seconds
  • Lift ladder to the roof from the ground: less than 30 seconds

Low and medium roof vehicles.

An in-house engineered system combines mechanics and hydraulics principles:

  • 6 custom designed wheels prevent any uncontrolled movement during driving.
  • Each wheel is equipped with high grade bearings to guarantee smooth operation of the system and limiting free movement.
  • Patented motion control transforms horizontal movement into rotational movement to assist and control lifting and lowering ladders.
  • Patented hydraulic damper and push assist aids lifting and closing the system. less force is needed from the operator to position the ladder on the roof.
Load ladders from the ground reduce back pain with ErgoBack and ErgoBack Electric

ErgoBack Electric

Press a button to lift the ladder from the ground to the roof in seconds. 
Press the same button to lower it back down. 

  • Lower ladder from the roof: less than 30 seconds
  • Lift ladder to the roof from the ground: less than 30 seconds

Ideal for any roof height and for all businesses making operators health and safety their priority.

An in-house engineered system combines mechanics and electrical principles:

  • Electrical system: 
    – Driven by a 24V motor.
    – Power supplied by the vehicle or by a dedicated 24V battery charged via the 12V or 24V power socket.
    – Operator friendly, limit switches detect when the system is in its open or closed position.
    – Downward rotation movement controlled by 2 gas springs and 1 in-house engineered and manufactured cylinder.
    – Engineered to simultaneously apply a lifting force and a rotation movement. Requires less space behind the vehicle to (un)load ladders.
  • Auto-tensioned drive unit: 
    – Gearbox rotation transferred via elastic coupler to the drive unit, containing a closed loop chain drive with auto-tensioning in both directions.
    – Innovative linear drive of the sled to its open and closed position assures a very strong and smooth operation with minimum rotations per cycle.
    – Only 14 rotations open or close the ErgoBack Electric, significantly increasing the lifespan of the motor, gear, chain and complete drive unit.
    – Drive unit equipped with sealed high-grade chrome steel ball bearings.
  • Safety: Equipped with manual override for emergencies.
Fire brigade solution

ErgoBack for Fire vehicles

ErgoBack Manual and ErgoBack Electric also exist with a variant for fire brigade needs, with adjustable deployment angle and optional mounting system.

Learn more about ErgoBack ladder carrier

The manual and electric versions of ErgoBack for light commercial vehicles reduce back strain and possible long term work injuries compared to traditional ladder carriers. 

Adjustable Load stops to secure ladders

Load stops are ladder side supports and can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to efficiently store and deploy all types of ladders including extension and platform ladders.

Two sizes available:

  • Adjustable 300 – 700 mm
  • Adjustable 300 – 1000 mm

Adjustable ladder holder & integrated tie down

Ladder holder

Secures ladder into position during transport, placing it between ladder steps.

Can be used horizontally or vertically to fit step intervals and u-shaped bars can be moved across the base.

Three sizes available:

  • 223 mm U-shaped bar height (127 mm flat rubber band) – default setting
  • 323 mm U-shaped bar height (227 mm flat rubber band)
  • 423 mm U-shaped bar height (327 mm flat rubber band)

Tie down

Spring-loaded auto-retractable strap with anchor point to ensure ladders are sustained to ErgoBack system during transport.


Carry one ladder

With ErgoBack for a single ladder, choose where to position ErgoBack across the crossbars:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Middle

Carry 2 ladders next to each other

Our Double ErgoBack system includes longer adjustable load stops and ladder holder to carry two ladders side by side on the same ErgoBack system.

Upgrade & combine ErgoBack

Take advantage of positioning it on one side to combine the manual and electric versions of ErgoBack onto the same roof, to combine it with ErgoRack or a half roof rack or to install additional crossbar(s) to created roof bars to carry long material on the roof aside your ErgoBack system.

ErgoBack crossbars are always shipped with 2 cargo stops.

Channel mounted

ErgoBack is installed on PDE patented channel mounted system that provides a better weight repartition on the roof and added security for passenger and light commercial vehicles.

Delivered by default with all ErgoBack for light commercial vehicle professional usage, and on demand for fire vehicles.

Logo of PDE Accessories

Tailor ErgoBack system with 100% aluminum and ABS accessories or other PDE solutions.

ErgoBack quote

Warranty claim

Report a product issue

The following elements are important to attend your claim:

  • Proof of purchase: PDE order confirmation,  PDE invoice number or upload your product invoice.
  • Photo of damaged parts.
  • Photo of the label on the received box.