Hall 13, Stand E34

September 17 - 22, 2024 | Hannover

Hall 13, Stand E34

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Interior protection
for Light Commercial Vehicles

Interior protection solutions are vital for light commercial vehicles as they enhance safety, durability, and professionalism, while also ensuring compliance with regulations and providing cost-saving benefits for small and large fleet owners.

Side Protection

Protect Light Commercial Vehicles’ interior and transported goods from cargo sharp edges and road bumps that could cause dents and damage bodywork.


Floor Protection

Protect vehicles’ floor while transporting goods and equipment.

1-man installation

Warranty claim

Report a product issue

The following elements are important to attend your claim:

  • Proof of purchase: PDE order confirmation,  PDE invoice number or upload your product invoice.
  • Photo of damaged parts.
  • Photo of the label on the received box.