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The safest way to transport glass & windows

Transport glass and windows with the safest, most reliable system on the market. The PDE GlassRack is a certified glass retaining system with unique features that make daily jobs fast and efficient. GlassRack is made in aluminum and is available in a variety of configurations to fit your specific requirements and any LCV models.

Lightweight, durable and built to last – GlassRack is the ultimate solution for every glass and window transporting need.

Safe transport of glass with GlassRack

Glass-proof transport

Patented system to ensure safe transport of glasses.

Maximum payload

Maximum payload

System designed to withstand up to 700kg payload.

Thumb up

Exterior & interior models

Fit your needs and any Light Commercial Vehicle.

Van with roof rack

Includes roof rack

All exterior models include roof rack.



Premium quality material and conception.


Modular & customisable

Different configurations and accessories to tailor it.

Carry glass, frames, and panels of all size with GlassRack

Glass and windows should be transported in the safest and most reliable way. Our GlassRack is light, strong and guarantees safest transport. 

Any Light Commercial Vehicles and flatbed trucks can be equipped.

Top features on GlassRack type 5
GlassRack Type 5 model

1. Roof rack included

Exterior GlassRack always includes a roof rack to ease transport of additional material onto the roof. 

2. Patented retainer bar

Patented retainer bars hold various sizes of glass and panels without additional straps, by automatically adjusting to the different widths of the load.

3. Rear wheel access

Change flat or winter tires easily with quick access to the vehicle’s rear wheel with a convenient removable section.

4. Base with rubber supports

Protects glass transport.
Foldable option available in different sizes.

GlassRack models

Thanks to its modular approach there is always a GlassRack to fit your requirements and vehicle.

Exterior and Interior systems are installed on the outside or inside of commercial vehicles. Customized on request, different versions of GlassRack are available for flatbed vehicles.

Do not exceed vehicles' manufacturer maximum payload & local legislation.

Patented retainer bars

Secure different layers of glass in seconds. PDE retainer bars automatically adjust to the different width of transported panels. PDE retainer bars are equipped with several swingarms completed with rubber tips which apply the correct pressure when in contact with the glass, without damaging it and without having to adjust the depth of the retainer bars.

Sleeves on GlassRack patented retainer bars


Retainer bars are equipped with sleeves to store or release PDE swingarms.

Swingarm on PDE GlassRack patented retainer bar

Release swingarm

Lift the sleeve to tilt the swingarm downwards and make contact with the glass.

Release GlassRack swingarm from PDE patented retainer bar

Release sleeve

Release the sleeve and it slides down locking the swingarm into place against the glass.

Final securing of glasses with GlassRack patented retainer bar

Final securing

Pull the retainer bar outwards for the swingarms and sleeves to fall slightly downwards. By releasing the bar, it acts as a spring and applies the necessary force to correctly push the different layers of glass and safely secure them for transport.

More GlassRack features & configuration options

PDE GlassRack is more than a mere lateral load carrier. Its features and patents guarantee the safe transport of glass sheets on top of carrying windows and other flat panels.

Modular system

Fits any size vehicle

Modul system with horizontal and vertical supports easily adaptable to any Light Commercial Vehicle and clients’ requirements. Custom solutions available.

Easy to mount

GlassRack clearly identified components for a simple and step-by-step assembly.

Affordable spare parts

Should damage occur, repair only the necessary part or module. Spare parts available for over 15 years.

Roof rack - Exterior systems

All exterior system models of GlassRack (Type 5 & Type 7 versions) include an aluminum roof rack to transport long objects such as ladders.

No drilling is required for most vehicles, available bodywork damage and preserving vehicle’s value.

Rubberised support modules

All horizontal and vertical aluminum supports of all GlassRack include rubber profiles to protect and avoid scratching of glass, windows and panels during transport.

Number of modules and support depends on vehicle size and preferences.

Customisable bottom support base

tailored width

PDE provides different width of the interior and exterior system of GlassRack to better fit your requirements and material to transport.

foldable bottom base

Enhance space efficiency, minimise vehicle obstructions, cut down wind resistance, and boost fuel savings by folding the glass carrier’s support base during periods of non-use.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that certain European countries legally mandate the inclusion of such a feature.

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Make it perfect for your business

GlassRack also offers the flexibility of installing additional accessories as well as additional retainer bars or replacement parts for your glass rack. 

Front and rear light kit, integrated side ladder, foldable base, conduit tube, roller, telescopic system and more accessories are specific to GlassRack Exterior system models, while extra indoor shelves and tilting foot rail can be added to GlassRack Interior systems. Movable safety stops, extra retainer bars, straps, can complete our solution and tailor it to your specific needs and national laws.

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