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Hall 13, Stand E34

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Fleet solutions

Maximise fleet Cargo Capacity and Safety

For over 30 years, Prime Design Europe has been the provider of choice to equip fleet of light commercial vehicles with ergonomic ladder carrier. 

At PDE, all our products have the worker in mind first, and our engineers, combined with the quality of the material, make products safe, durable and efficient.

10 reasons why to choose PDE solutions for your fleet of commercial vehicles


Enhance workers' health

Our ergonomic solutions reducing body efforts and back strain up to 100% when loading and deploying material.

The aim is to reduce short-term and long term work injuries.


Focus on workers' safety

No need to climb on vehicles’ roofs to deploy ladders and other equipment with most of our solutions.

We promote steady solutions when climbing on vehicles is necessary.


Improve efficiency & ROI

Unload and lift ladders and other material from vehicles’ roof in less than 30 seconds while preventing workers’ injuries and with robust eco-friendly material and conception guarantee high return on investment when acquiring PDE products.


Reinforce cargo safety

With well-designed secure (auto-)locking systems and ingenious PDE engineering for the cargo to remain stable and safe during transit, reduce the risk of accidents caused by loose items, as well as vibrations.



We support all brands and models of Light Commercial vehicles and most recently fire trucks.

We can also equip 4×4 and utility vehicles.


Customisation options

We adapt our solutions to your specific technical requirements and daily tasks. We listen and analyse your fleet and challenges to create racks solutions and equipment deployment systems specific to your business.


Compliance with regulations

PDE solutions are adapted to industries safety and regulatory standards related to transporting specific types of cargo or equipment securely, as well as comply with changing national legal requirements such as the prohibition to climb on vehicles’ roof. 

PDE is ISO certified to industries standards.


Long term investment for your fleet

Our solutions are well-known for their high quality of materials, conception and engineering. Made 100% in aluminum, including connectors and mounting systems is one of the differentiators showing robustness.

Products can be entirely and partly reused, upgraded and recycled.


Environmental responsability

Aluminum experts for over 30 years, our solutions are lightweight, fuel eco-friendly and recyclable.

Moreover, promote the efficient use of available space on vehicles, reducing the need for larger or additional vehicles and contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly fleet operation.


Branding opportunity

The professional sleek look of our solutions guarantees the good representation of your business.

Possibility to customise our products with branding elements, such as company logos or colors, providing a mobile advertisement for your fleet and increasing brand visibility wherever the vehicles travel.


PDE solutions on existing fleets

Fleet enquiry

Warranty claim

Report a product issue

The following elements are important to attend your claim:

  • Proof of purchase: PDE order confirmation,  PDE invoice number or upload your product invoice.
  • Photo of damaged parts.
  • Photo of the label on the received box.