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Rear Door Ladder

Aluminum rear door ladder for Light Commercial Vehicles

Our patented rear door ladder ensures access to the roof of light commercial vehicles without causing damage to the bodywork or wasting time.

Made of aluminum, our ladders are attached to the rear door of the vehicle through a clever system that holds it securely in place without any risk of movement, all while preserving the bodywork and door paint.

The ladders are available for medium and high-roof vans, seamlessly adapting to the make and model of each vehicle.

No need to drill or weld

No drilling

Preserve the value of vehicle.


100% aluminum

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant and recyclable.

Vans' back doors can fully open even with PDE no drilling rear door ladder installed, without damaging bodywork. Depending on vans, doors open 180-270 degrees

Preserve door functionalities

Door still opens 180º / 270º without damaging bodywork.

Safe and secure

Fits both feet

Increase workers’ security.


Robust & reusable

Outlast the lifespan of vehicle. Reuse it on similar LCV.

EU flag

Made in Europe

Comply with high quality standards.

PDE no drilling rear door ladder installed on van's back door

Aluminum rear door ladder for safe & convenient daily work

  1. Eliminate the risk of falls by no longer having to climb on a tire or bumper to access the roof or cargo transported on it.
  2. The PDE ladder is “semi-permanent,” providing a significant time and space-saving advantage. The ladder is installed on the vehicle permanently but can be moved to another vehicle when sold, for example. The operator doesn’t need to worry about moving and securing the ladder each time they use or store it.
  3. Our rear door ladder is extremely stable and wide enough to place both feet on each rung, unlike many narrow ladders in the market that allow only one foot on each step.
  4. The door can always be opened to its maximum, without the risk of the ladder hitting the sides of the van.
  5. Our ladder assembles and installs in just a few minutes.
  6. Preserve the value of your utility vehicle: no drilling required. You can remove it and sell your vehicle without reducing its value.

Sustainable lightweight material,
fast & easy installation

Our ladders are entirely made of aluminum, from the rungs to the connecting elements. They boast an elegant appearance while being corrosion-resistant and extremely durable. It’s not uncommon to see our customers transfer the ladder to their new vehicle.

The aerodynamic design and lightweight also contribute to reducing fuel consumption.


without damaging your van

Secure the ladder with a clamping system, eliminating the need for drilling into the bodywork, thereby preserving the integrity and resale value of your vehicle.

by a single person

This lightweight ladder can be easily installed by a single person.

For an average experienced technician:

  • Assembly: 15 min,
  • Installation: 15 min.

Engineered for your van

This product fits precisely the rear door of your vehicle and does not interfere with other PDE products and your daily work. If you have a fleet or several vans of the same model, the ladder can easily be moved from one vehicle to another.

For all brands of Light commercial vehicles

Our ladders are made of aluminum and available in different sizes for all models of light to medium and high-roof utility vehicles, such as Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, Opel Movano, Nissan NV400, Renault Master, Iveco Daily, and others.

Moreover, we continuously adapt this product to the new utility models entering the market.

It is also possible to request the ladder in black or other colors to better align with your branding or the van’s style.

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