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Hall 13, Stand E34

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for PDE ladder racks, roof racks, glass racks

Tailor your products with accessories allowing you to carry specific materials, to improve safety or make access and securing easier. 

Contact us with any question you may have.

Rear door ladder

  • Aluminum ladder to install on the back door commercial vehicles to safely access material on the roof.
  • NO DRILLING is required to install it, preventing bodywork damage and preserving the value of the vehicle.
  • Available for H2 and H3 roof vans.

Conduit Tube carrier

  • Aluminum tube carrier.
  • Lockable on both sides.
  • Delivered with Omega bracket to install.
  • Compatible with all PDE solutions as well as other brands with the universal installation kit.
  • From 2 to 6 metre-long by 125 mm squared. 
  • Conduit tubes over 3 metres are shipped in 2 or more sections for faster and affordable transport. (1 section conduit tubes available on request)

Beacon mounting bracket

  • Aluminum bracket to install a beacon or flashing light.
  • Different versions, to be installed on top of channel and crossbars, as well as versions for the light to be on the side.
  • One or more versions are available for each PDE solution. Ask us for more details.
  • Enhance visibility and safety.


  • Aluminum ribbed profiles.
  • Compatible with AluRack Construction and DMRack to form a cargo platform.
  • Join several to create larger platform.
  • Available for high and medium roof commercial vehicles.

Adjustable Cargo stop

  • Rubberised aluminum cargo stops to secure equipment from moving during transport on vans’ roof.
  • Easy to slide across the crossbar or to move to another crossbar.
  • Can be used as stopper or to fasten a strap using its looped shape.
  • Included by default with AluBars. Available as accessories for other PDE solutions.


  • Aluminum roller.
  • Ensures comfortable loading and unloading of long items on the roof, with no damage to van’s body work.
  • Included by default with DMRack and available as standard accessory for all other PDE solutions.
  • Different versions available depending on PDE product.


  • Accessories to reduce by 80% the time necessary to secure ladders on roof racks.
    Using S-Clamp, it takes only 20 seconds to secure the ladder instead of 4 minutes when using traditional methods (using rope for example).
  • No straps or ties are required to lock the ladder in place.
  • Compatible with AluRack for small and medium roof vans as well as most DMRack solutions.
S-Clamp accessory on AluRack roof rack

Half roof rack

  • Accessory to be installed aside ErgoRack and ErgoBack.
  • Several length and width available (L: 2200 – 4600mm, W: 615 – 915mm).
  • Additional crossbar is needed for bigger half racks.
Half roof rack accessory for ErgoRack or ErgoBack

Foldable base

  • Accessory for GlassRack Type 5 and Type 7 (external glass carrier).
  • Fold the entire base when not in use, or part of it when transporting smaller glass sheets or smaller panels.
Base of GlassRack can be folded when not transporting anything

Retainer bar storage

  • Accessories for GlassRack.
  • To store retainer bars together upright when not in use.
Store GlassRack retainer bars when not in use

Safety stop

  • Accessory for GlassRack.
  • Extra security against abrupt breaking.
  • Adjustable: can be positioned in front of the transported material, to avoid sudden unwanted sliding.
Safety stop special for GlassRack so glasses don't slide during transport

Integrated ladder rungs

  • Accessory for GlassRack.
  • For easier access to the roof.
  • Alternative solution to our rear door ladder for GlassRack users.
Integrated half ladder inside GlassRack external glass carrier system

Warranty claim

Report a product issue

The following elements are important to attend your claim:

  • Proof of purchase: PDE order confirmation,  PDE invoice number or upload your product invoice.
  • Photo of damaged parts.
  • Photo of the label on the received box.