PDE Engineering

We firmly believe that products' engineering and how it impacts the user is every bit as important as the quality of the materials & construction!

The engineers in our Research and Development department are continuously pushing the boundaries of our product ranges. They consider market changes, technological advancements, and feedback from our customers. Our objective remains unchanged: to offer intelligent solutions that significantly revolutionise the tasks they are designed for.

Our R&D approach always begins with a deep understanding of the workers who use commercial vehicles, 4×4s, or fire engines to transport their equipment from one mission to next. We aim to truly comprehend and analyse the physical efforts they exert to store and remove their equipment from the vehicle. This includes the impact on their body and health in the short, medium, and long term, potential risks during the manoeuvre, strenuousness, repetitive movements, and more.

In addition, we listen carefully to the needs of the market, and carry out genuine premium engineering work, resulting in the launch of the ErgoRack, our first ergonomic lateral ladder deployment system for LCVs. More recently, we developed a rear deployment system (ErgoBack) and electric roof platforms designed specifically for fire engines (ErgoBack ePro).

These recent innovations underscore our commitment to addressing the constantly evolving needs of our customers. Our engineering is consistently developing practical, ergonomic, and robust solutions.

Ergonomics & Efficiency

Prime Design Europe (PDE) has been consistently engineering products that enhance the safety and ease of use for the human body for over 30 years. Our relentless commitment to improved ergonomics, safety, and product performance ensures significant return on investment for our valued customers.

Continuous R&d + innovation

Continuously looking forward, PDE delivers solutions to the LCV market through research, user feedback, and engineering. We not only improve and adapt our products to the evolving automotive industry but also bring innovative, best-in-class products to the market.

Patented Designs Protecting Workers & Valuables

PDE’s products feature patented designs that significantly reduce operator stress and mitigate the risk of work-related injuries. Our solutions not only help minimize worker’s compensation claims but also provide enhanced security for valuables, safeguarding them from damage and theft.

EU Built to Outlast your Vehicle

At Prime Design Europe, we manufacture all our solutions in-house, right here in Europe, ensuring the highest standards of quality. We utilize the finest grade Aluminum, 6061-T6, to create durable and reliable products.

PDE engineering product applications