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September 17 - 22, 2024 | Hannover

Hall 13, Stand E34

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About PDE

Unique solutions for LCVs, 4x4 and fire vehicles

Industry leader in ergonomic ladder deployment systems for over 30 years, PDE engineers, manufactures and commercialises aluminum roof racks, ladder carrier, glass holder and interior protection to ease daily operations through innovative products that enhance safety and efficiency.

We work for professionals with always the operator as our central focal point and companies or organisations owning light commercial vehicles, 4×4, emergency and fire vehicles. 

PDE’s solutions and values have been focused from our very beginning on:

Safe and secure

Workers' safety

Create a safe working environment.

Engineering using ergonomics

Workers' health

Ergonomic solutions to reduce work injuries.



Fast loading and unloading of equipment.



Robust solutions to outlast vehicle’s lifespan.


Aluminum expertise

We are the market expert in aluminum.



Aerodynamic design & recyclable material.

Safety and ergonomics met innovation from the very beginning at PDE

PDE journey begins with Avi Levi renovating his own home! Being a mechanical engineer, he decided to make a safety leg for his ladder to stabilise it during challenging climbs. Recognizing the potential of his invention, Avi started prospecting clients for his genius safety leg concept. As he stepped one day like another on the tire of his van to untie the ladder and showcase his novelty, Avi lost his footing and he fell, luckily sustaining only minor injuries.

Determined to prevent such danger, Avi created a ladder unloading system that would eliminate the need for climbing on tires during his prospecting. Here is the twist: while many clients appreciated the safety leg concept, they were even more fascinated by Avi’s ladder deployment system and demanded to purchase it. The market had spoken! However, aware how impactful the ladder weight can have on back strain, he collaborated with orthopedic surgeons to improve his ladder deployment system before creating Prime Design in the US in 1992 and launching the ErgoRack, since awarded several times for its ergonomics!

Fondateur de Prime Design Europe : Avi Levi

From innovation to expansion


Creation Prime Design US.

Launch ErgoRack.


Creation Prime Design Europe.


1st warehouse in Europe.

Launch of AluRackAluBars.


Production starts in Belgium and facilities are increased in 2015.


Acquisition of Tekimex and its production site in Denmark.

Launch of GlassRack.


Additional production factory in Bulgaria.

Expansion to Eastern Europe.


Bulgarian factory moves to bigger location.

New PDE Group corporate image.

Launch of ErgoBack – Manual.


Acquisition of V-A-S-T in BeNeLux.

Launch of DMRackDMBars with logistic response to market demand.

Launch of ErgoBack Electric.


Present in more than 25 countries.

Pre-launch of ErgoBack ePro for fire vehicles.

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PDE facilities today


Tienen, Belgium.

R&D + Warehouse + sales

Tienen, Belgium.

Two production facilities

Bulgaria, Denmark.


Across Europe.

PDE clients

PDE mainly collaborates with Light Commercial Vehicles’ and fire vehicle converters and automotive professionals based across Europe. We also work directly with some LCVs’ manufacturers and fleets.

Our solutions’ users are professionals who need to transport equipment such as ladders, pipes, or other materials for their daily tasks, for example electricians, cable technicians, plumbers, glass related businesses, construction companies, and other professionals, as well as fire brigades and emergency services.

Logos of PDE clients: Vinci, EDP, Ores, E-On, Engie
More logos of PDE clients: Proximus, SNCF, DB Bahn, EVN, OTIS

PDE solutions in the streets


Warranty claim

Report a product issue

The following elements are important to attend your claim:

  • Proof of purchase: PDE order confirmation,  PDE invoice number or upload your product invoice.
  • Photo of damaged parts.
  • Photo of the label on the received box.