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Aluminum roof bars, installed in minutes

DMBars are the market’s alternative to aluminum bars affordable to any budget-conscious businesses, whose requirements are to effectively transport cargo on the roof of their commercial vehicle.

Quick installation

Simple and intuitive. Installed in minutes. No specialist required.



PDE quality design and conception for a long lifespan.

100% Aluminum

Including mountings.


Entry solution to PDE professional products. Fantastic price / quality ratio.

Fits all LCVs

Hundreds of commercial vehicle of all brands and models have their DMBars.

No drilling

No damage to the roof using roofs’ existing fixing points.

what is the modular DMBars system?

The DMBars system comes with a minimum of 2 to 6 bars. More bars can be added subject to your vehicle’s fixing points.

1. Direct mounting system

Fix the DMBars directly to the roof’s fixing point with our aluminum moutings.

2. Engineered crossbars

Aluminum crossbars with rubber profile on top to prevent cargo from slipping. ABS end caps complete their sleek professional look.

3. Adjustable cargo stops

Tailor your DMBars with accessories such as our easy-to-move cargo
stops to secure cargos during transport.

4. & 5. Conduit tube & platform

Personalise your AluRack roof rack to your specific needs.

Alurack crossbars and installation system

Lightweight, AluRack crossbars are in anodised aluminum with an aerodynamic design that perfectly follows the contour of the vehicle and helps to minimize wind drag and noise.

Two AluRack versions

AluRack Construction - construction Crossbars

Reinforced crossbars for the demand of the Construction sector and businesses who wish to install a walking platform on their roof rack.

AluRack Construction roof racks delivers maximum payload and versatility.

Construction crossbar specs: Height: 35 mm, Width: 70 mm.

AluRack Standard - Regular crossbars

Transport all type of equipment on vehicles’ roof with the best strength vs. lightweight performance.

Standard AluRack roof racks include regular crossbars.

Regular crossbar specs: Height: 25 mm, Width: 45 mm.

Fits all light commercial vehicles

Mounted on top of our own patented mounting system, AluRack can be installed on all models and brands of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) and 4×4.

Designed and manufactured 100% in house at our factories, the PDE mounting system improves the versatility, performance and lifespan of your roof rack without damaging the value of your vehicle (no drilling required).

Tailor AluRack to your specific needs and daily tasks. Check our accessories to secure cargo, improve safety or save time…
All products are made from 100% aluminum and ABS.

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